Bill Gates organization partners with biotech company to develop needle-free mRNA vaccine WAFER for taking under the tongue

In the coming soon dystopian future, patients will be able to take vaccines in wafer form under the tongue like some kind of abominable Eucharist rather than getting the usual needle injections, thanks in part to a new investment tied to billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), which works with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has partnered with a company called Jurata Thin Film, Inc. (Jurata) to develop a thermostable mRNA (modRNA) vaccine film that a doctor, behaving like a religious priest, will be able to place into the mouth of a patient as a rite of passage into “immunity.”

Instead of patients having to continue rolling up their sleeve for a penetrating pharmaceutical injection, recipients of Jurata’s product will simply need to open the mouth, lift up the tongue and receive the wafer-like film under their tongue for rapid dissolution.

“Vaccine distribution is just as important as vaccine development in response to an emerging crisis – so, while mRNA quickly became one of the technological ‘shining stars’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, global access to doses was majorly hindered by its frozen storage needs,” said Ingrid Kromann, CEPI’s acting director of vaccine manufacturing and supply chain, in a December 5 news release.

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Edible vaccines to lure back the “vaccine hesitant”

A $1.2 million cash injection from CEPI will allow Jurata to develop what it describes as a “3D structure of mRNA-containing lipid nanoparticle (LNP) vaccine materials,” which are to be derived from a company called Quantoom Biosciences. These materials will then be developed into a thin thermostable film “that will alleviate frozen storage and transportation issues associated with traditional needle and syringe vaccines,” to quote the Epoch Times.

“LNP’s are the delivery system used to deliver mRNA and have properties that may cause clotting or trigger the immune system.”

The same initial round of CEPI will allow for pre-clinical trials to determine whether or not these novel films can actually deliver stabilized mRNA vaccines effectively, or if they will simply be broken down by saliva and the digestive system into inert foreign, and likely toxic, materials. If successful, pre-clinical trials will lead to clinical trials, which will lead to edible vaccine wafers being unleashed into the public.

Since many are now considered to be “vaccine hesitant,” meaning they want nothing to do with Big Pharma’s chemical injections, researchers are working on needle-free concepts that they hope will lure people back into the vaccination fold by making vaccines edible and “fun.”

According to the terms of Jurata’s agreement with CEPI, the films will need to be stable at temperatures of two to eight degrees, 25 degrees and 40 degrees. The films will also need to be optimized using different buffers, pH, stabilizers, sugars, salts and various drying parameters.

“Jurata’s proprietary thin films have the potential to transform the way in which we store, deliver and distribute mRNA vaccines, advancing CEPI’s pandemic preparedness plan to accelerate the speed and scale of our response to future epidemics and pandemics, and heighten access to vaccine doses,” Kromann further said.

Commenting on the project, Dr. Robert Malone, credited as a founder of mRNA technology, says edible vaccine wafers will probably not do what their backers claim they will do.

“Sublingual delivery is useful for some drugs but seems poorly matched to LNP mod mRNA technology,” Dr. Malone says.

“Needle-free mucosal vaccines have been on the vaccine developer wishlist for decades, but the barriers to achieving such a capability are substantial. However, if paired with self-replicating RNA technology, it is possible that something could come of this.”

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