Steve Kirsch: Over 10M people worldwide HAVE DIED from COVID-19 vaccines

More than 10 million people around the world have died from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, according to investigative journalist Steve Kirsch.

“It’s my estimate: Over 10 million. It’s in that ballpark,” he told the Health Ranger Mike Adams during his appearance on the “Health Ranger Report” last Dec. 14. Kirsch added that he came upon this conclusion after scrutinizing the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data on the number of excess deaths connected with the COVID-19 vaccine. He also mentioned doing an extensive analysis on the vaccine death data in New Zealand, the results of which he announced to the world.

“And so, all these things are just all coming and saying the same thing. Somewhere on the order of one per 1,000 is pretty much what we normally expect per excess deaths for people,” said Kirsch. “That’s not at all surprising.” (Related: Steve Kirsch: COVID-19 vaccines have killed at least 150,000 Americans – Brighteon.TV.)

He also cited a poll by Rasmussen Reports conducted in late October. According to the poll, 24 percent of respondents – almost a quarter – say they personally know someone who died from the side effects of the COVID-19 injection. The same poll found that 42 percent of respondents would join a class action lawsuit against the makers of these vaccines.

According to Kirsch, some of his friends dying or getting injured from the COVID-19 injection had pushed him to start looking into the issue. His other friends initially thought he was a “nutcase” with his warnings, but eventually realized that he was correct.

Meanwhile, the Health Ranger lamented that the disaster of COVID-19 vaccine deaths has been accelerated, with the inclusion of the injections in the annual vaccination schedule and their continued promotion. Fortunately, many pro-vaccine people told Adams they weren’t going to take any more vaccines.

Truth-tellers like Kirsch are up against the dreaded BUREAUCRACY

According to Adams, Kirsch had been making his case in the vaccine safety data. However, it has hit a brick wall – something the founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation didn’t expect. Kirsch acknowledged this brick wall, adding that truth-tellers like him are up against a huge bureaucracy.

“You’re up against all of these vested interests that are promoting this. You’re up against the FDA [Food and Drug Administration], the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], the Gates Foundation, the mainstream media and Congress,” he said. “All these people have basically bought into the narrative and have been pushing these vaccines.”

Kirsch also lamented that there are only a few members of Congress willing to talk about the COVID-19 vaccines and make a difference by fighting for what’s right. “It’s very sad because they can easily say, ‘Hey, I was fooled. I’m not part of this, thank you for letting me know. And now that I know I’m going to take action,'” he remarked. “But these people don’t even want to have a conversation about it, and it’s really troubling.”

Adams noted that the FDA has been silent about the deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccines. Kirsch agreed, saying that America has a vaccine that has probably killed more than 500,000 Americans.

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Watch the full conversation between Steve Kirsch and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

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