Steve Kirsch: Vaccine damage data being DELIBERATELY HIDDEN

Data regarding the damage caused by vaccines on people are being deliberately hidden, according to investigative journalist Steve Kirsch.

“There are some things you can do, which is to appeal to their common sense that if the vaccines really work and we are really saving people’s lives, then why are they hiding the data that would prove that? It’s critical thinking skills,” he told the Health Ranger Mike Adams during an appearance on the “Health Ranger Report” last Dec. 14.

He called for an end to ad hominem attacks and character assassinations for vaccine skeptics like him, adding: “They are tying to reduce vaccine hesitancy because there are people like me who they accuse of spreading misinformation.”

Kirsch, the executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), appealed to authorities to focus on the data. “We are calling for data transparency; we want the data to be made public,” he stressed. Kirsch also pointed out that the number of daily deaths among people injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine went up instead of down.

“It’s supposed to slope down. That is the law of gravity. And when you defy the law of gravity, it means you have a killing machine.”

Meanwhile, the Health Ranger remarked that the corporate media are making all kinds of excuses for the excess deaths caused by the vaccine that have happened since 2021. If people look closely at those excuses, they don’t make any sense, he added. Adams also lamented how the mainstream science industry has gone overboard to shut down Kirsch’s message aside from trying to attack him personally and censor him as well.

Kirsch: Autism causes already known for more than two decades

Kirsch continued by citing a similar problem, this time with vaccines causing autism. He remarked: “Autism is a huge, huge problem and it’s getting worse and worse every day. And the thing is that it’s been known what the causes of all of these autism cases are for at least 25 years.”

The VSRF executive director cited a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The paper examined vaccines and autism, and found a danger signal. (Related: Autism risk 420% higher in vaccinated children vs. non-vaccinated, published science confirms.)

Dr. William Thompson, the researcher who worked on the paper, was instructed to destroy all the data linking vaccines to autism. He covered it up for 10 years before speaking out, and was eventually silenced.

“He’s not allowed to testify in Congress about it,” said Kirsch. “And to this day, the American public has been told they are being gaslighted saying vaccines don’t cause autism.”

Adams recalled a similar thing happening to Dr. Andrew Wakefield. His decision to reveal the gastrointestinal side effects linked to vaccination came at a huge price. He was struck off the medical register and his career and reputation were destroyed.

The founder of Natural News and initially thought the number of autistic children in America was either one in 40 or one in 50. Kirsch replied that at present, the official figure is one in 30 – but he believes it is much higher.

Nevertheless, Adams remarked that a horror show is happening and federal agencies are fully aware of the links between vaccinations and autism. However, they are covering up those links to protect the reputation of the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Kirsch agreed, saying that top researchers are staying silent about vaccines causing autism for fear that they will lose their grants. When people find out that the FDA and CDC are pushing harmful medicines responsible for the autism epidemic, they will surely be furious.

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Watch the full interview between Steve Kirsch and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

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