Israel deploying prohibited NEUTRON BOMBS to destroy Gaza and carry out ethnic cleansing, warns nuclear weapons expert

British scientist Dr. Christopher Busby appeared with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, this week to talk about evidence that has emerged to suggest that Israel is using neutron uranium warheads in Gaza.

Despite their being prohibited for such use, Israel has been dropping neutron bombs on the Palestinians to clear them out of the Gaza Strip, just like Israel used them in Fallujah and Lebanon back in the day.

“Don’t forget, by the way, that depleted uranium shells were sent by the United Kingdom to Ukrainian forces to be used in Ukraine,” Adams explained while introducing Busby. “And depleted uranium is a form of uranium where certain isotopes have been removed, and it has very high density, and it is radioactive at some relatively low level.”

Adams further explained that when depleted uranium shells strike their targets, they ignite instantly due to their aerosolized uranium content reacting to very high temperatures, around 600 to 700 degrees Celsius, and pressures, igniting them “into kind of a mini thermobaric bomb.”

“And the reason these are used by tanks is because when a depleted uranium shell strikes another tank, the DU (depleted uranium) has the density to penetrate the tank’s armor, and once that shell penetrates the armor the uranium material is vaporized or aerosolized,” he said.

“It’s sprayed in essence inside the enemy tank where it ignites, creating a thermobaric bomb inside the tank, killing everybody inside instantly not just from the explosion, but the fire and the heat.”

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When nanoscale depleted uranium goes airborne, people inhale it

Busby authored a paper on the subject that was published earlier this month. It highlights evidence dating back to 2003 showing that Israel has been using depleted uranium in violation of international law for at least the past 20 years.

“Results from independent laboratories in Europe and the UK, using different techniques, revealed the presence of enriched uranium in biological materials and environmental samples including soil, bomb craters and air (as recorded in vehicle air filter dust),” Busby wrote in his abstract.

“More recently, 2021 results published in the journal Nature, show that uranium enrichment levels in background samples from Gaza have been increasing markedly since 2008. Since enriched uranium is an anthropogenic substance which does not exist in nature, the question arises as to the source, in the weapons employed by the USA (Fallujah) and Israel (Lebanon, Gaza). It is proposed that the only logical answer is that a uranium-based weapon exists that produces U-235 by neutron activation and has been deployed. Such a weapon must be some kind of neutron bomb.”

First invented in 1958 by Samuel Cohen of the Livermore Laboratory of California, then RAND, neutron bomb technology can be used to build a “radioactive wall” around an entire country. Cohen actually proposed this for Israel back in 1984.

“What I am suggesting is the construction of a border barrier whose most effective component is an extremely intense field of nuclear radiation (produced by the operation of underground nuclear reactors), sharply confined to the barrier zone, which practically guarantees the death of anyone attempting to breach the barrier,” Cohen said in his 1984 proposition.

“Establishing such a ‘nuclear wall’ at the borders of a threatened country can make virtually impossible any successful penetration by ground forces – as well as a preemptive ground attack by the threatened country.”

A self-proclaimed “unbelieving Jew,” Cohen expressed his belief at the time that Israel’s construction of a radioactive wall would protect the Jewish state from any kind of Arab state attack. This same radioactive wall could also protect the United States, Cohen added.

“Clearly, the most responsible thing the United States can do to ensure its own security is to make drastic changes in its military assistance to Israel (and to other Mideast countries as well) to prevent such a situation from ever arising,” he said.

“Otherwise, based on the wretched history of this turbulent arena, there is every reason to expect that one of these days a nuclear showdown will arise.”

Enriched uranium residues wouldn’t be present on battlefields if neutron bombs weren’t being produced

The fact that extra enriched uranium is being found in Fallujah, Lebanon, Gaza and elsewhere points to the production of nuclear weapons of the kind Busby says Israel has been using for decades.

“What’s being found in Gaza and in other locations is a much higher ratio of uranium 235 than is normal,” Adams explained during the segment. “And when I say normal, I’m referring to what are called naturally occurring isotopic ratios.”

“So, if you go dig up a bunch of dirt in your backyard, let’s say, you’re going to get some small amount of uranium. For every kilogram of dirt that you dig up, I think there’s something like one or two milligrams of uranium in every kilogram of dirt, just typically speaking, as an average, it’s a relatively small amount. However, if you take that uranium and you were to break it down into its isotopic ratios, then you would get mostly uranium 238, and a little bit at 235 and an even smaller amount of 234. Those ratios are known as the naturally occurring isotopic ratios, and, of course, many other elements, but not all have other naturally occurring isotopic ratios, as well.”

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