British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to face CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION over COVID “vaccine” contract scheme

British Member of Parliament (MP) Andrew Bridgen is requesting a meeting with Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Mark Rowley and other senior police officers to lay out a case against British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak concerning his Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” crimes.

According to Bridgen, Sunak and other top-level government officials in the United Kingdom are guilty of egregious crimes against humanity, including the deceptive and misleading vaccine contracts that the UK establishment forged with the likes of Pfizer and Moderna during the “pandemic.”

Bridgen wants just three hours of time to allow for a panel of experts and whistleblowers to make a case before the UK’s law enforcement establishment, laying out all available evidence of alleged criminal activity at the highest levels of the British government.

According to Bridgen, the British parliament was lied to about the vaccine contracts that Sunak forged with Big Pharma. In addition to proving this before law enforcement, Bridgen also wants the matter to be taken to Parliament standards for evaluation.

“Heads of governments around the world and others below them have engaged in what is tantamount to treason against the public,” Bridgen maintains.

(Related: Sunak is spending far less on UK defense systems than other British government officials had hoped he would.)

Massive excess deaths coverup

Concerning the excess death toll as calculated by the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), Bridgen says these figures are wrong and that “there is a huge coverup going on” that aims to deceive the public into believing that COVID injections are “safe and effective.”

Interestingly, Bridgen also claims to have evidence showing that the UK establishment knew in August 2019 that a contrived “pandemic” was coming the following year. Those in the know were told not to take any of the so-called “vaccines” that would be unleashed through programs like Operation Warp Speed.

Both Sunak and his pal, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, are among those who were privy to the fake “pandemic” soon to come, which is why both of them invested heavily into the very pharmaceutical companies that would become key players in the Operation Warp Speed jab rollout.

“Did they have insider knowledge about what was being planned in a coming pandemic?” asked former Parliamentary candidate with The Brexit Party Barnsley Jim Ferguson in an X post about these latest developments.

Sunak, we are told, invested an astounding $500 million of his own private funds – how does a politician have this kind of cash, if not for corruption? – into Moderna through a company called Thelema Partners, a notorious tax haven in the Cayman Islands.

“Afterwards,” Ferguson says, “he stated in parliament that the vaccine was ‘safe and effective’ while then going on to roll out further permissions for Moderna to set up further vaccine producing interests within the UK.”

By all appearances, Sunak used his position as prime minister to rake in massive personal profits as millions of Brits were harmed by the very poisons on which he placed his cash.

According to the National Security Act of the UK, Sunak is a criminal in that he qualifies as someone who was “working in secret for a foreign power to use or abuse [his] knowledge in a way that causes harm to [his] citizens,” as the legislation states.

Three in four U.S. politicians have investments in Big Pharma

The conspiracy is not limited simply to the UK. Many of our own politicians here in the United States seem to have known well prior to the “pandemic” that they needed to invest accordingly. As such, a whopping 75 percent of Congress, or three in four congressmen, currently hold investments in pharmaceutical companies.

You may recall the infamous admission from a Pfizer executive who stated flat-out that an American politician can be bought out for a mere $10,000, meaning this amount of money is all it takes for Big Pharma to purchase a political puppet to do its bidding.

The corporate-controlled media is, of course, also complicit in these crimes against humanity – just take a look at all the drug commercials that lace every segment of their broadcast and cable programming, both on the “left” and the “right.”

Bridgen is also suing former health secretary Matt Hancock for defamation, the trial for which is scheduled to take place in the Royal Court of Justice.

“There was NO virus infecting anyone,” noted someone on X about the depths of the “pandemic” sham. “The genetic code supposedly obtained from the patient in Wuhan was a computer-generated code from which they say they developed the test. This itself was a lie as the tests were already prepared.”

The latest news about government officials who committed COVID crimes, including by peddling the “vaccine” jabs, can be found at

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