Ocean acidification claims of climate cult are based on misinformation

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are spreading lies about ocean acidification that completely misrepresent how carbon dioxide (CO2) interacts with water.

The truth that IPCC and NOAA do not want people to know includes the fact that CO2 breaks down into three different molecules when combined with water. These molecules are collectively known as dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), and one of them includes bicarbonate ions that comprise more than 90 percent of the ocean’s current.

Carbonate ions comprise about nine percent of DIC, leaving invading CO2 levels at no more than one percent, which is inconsequential. This means that IPCC and NOAA are lying about CO2 acidifying the world’s oceans when ocean waters actually contain less than one percent CO2.

It must also be noted that the other 99-plus percent of bicarbonate and carbonate ions that CO2 turns into when mixing with ocean water actually creates a buffer that prevents ocean water from acidifying. This creates what is essentially distilled water throughout ocean currents.

(Related: In 2021, a handful of scientist whistleblowers exposed ocean acidification as just another climate hoax designed to fool the masses into supporting more green tyranny.)

Shells and reefs import only CO2, bicarbonate ions for strength and protection

One of the other myths being spread by IPCC and NOAA involves the false claim that acidified ocean water, supposedly caused by too much CO2, is causing the shells of ocean creatures to dissolve. This simply cannot be true for the simple fact that ocean creatures with shells have protective coatings that prevent dissolution.

The same is true for coral polyps, which have special protection that guards their reef skeletons against being eroded through acidification. And ocean water is actually more protective than distilled water at keeping these shells intact to begin with, which makes climate claims to the contrary simply ridiculous.

“Shells and reefs are made of calcium carbonate,” writes Jim Steele. “The hoax abuses one true scientific factoid: At a lower pH, the added H+ ions will re-join with the ocean’s buffering carbonate ions.”

“That reduces sea water’s available carbonate ions by converting them to bicarbonate ion. So, alarmists’ falsely claim acidification will reduce seawater’s carbonate ions, making it more difficult to make calcium carbonate shells or reefs.”

Part of the climate hoax suggests that ocean shells and reefs import carbonate ions directly from seawater, but that too much CO2 inhibits this. All available evidence shows that shells and reefs only import CO2 and abundant bicarbonate ions, which are then converted internally to a carbonate ion.

In other words, CO2 from the atmosphere mixes with ocean water and turns into the exact ingredients that shells and reefs need to build strength and resiliency. CO2 actually helps them, not hurts them like the climate cult falsely claims.

The newly converted carbonate ions that result internally from CO2 mixing into water combines with calcium to form the calcium carbonate building blocks needed for reef skeletons and shells.

“Thus, any acidification that converts sea water carbonate ions into bicarbonate ions is actually helping reefs and shell-making which only absorb the critical CO2 and bicarbonate ions,” Steele further explains.

“Knowing the real science, I can no longer trust the IPCC or NOAA’s acidification alarmism misinformation.”

Further debunking the ocean acidification myth is the fact that the CO extracted from water, both salt and fresh, by coral, mollusks and other sea life ends up becoming chalk, limestone and marble.

“Amazingly, despite what we are told, the oceans are not boiling and one can still pick up seashells at the seashore,” one commenter wrote, adding to this sentiment.

More related news about climate cultism can be found at Climate.news.

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