Spike Protein Syndrome STILL in FULL EFFECT 2 years later – yet most of the injected masses have no clue what’s happening to them

Not one single person injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine can figure out what is happening to their body, brain, and overall functioning, and neither can their doctors. Millions of protein prions created by mRNA “technology” have invaded their vascular system, their cleansing organs, their reproductive organs, and their brains, and the symptoms of Spike Protein Syndrome (SPS) range from minor and recurring to massive deadly, including sudden “unexplainable” death.

Medical doctors cannot DARE mention it, if they can even get their own heads around it, as the medical industrial complex tells them what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and to do nothing else. This involves billions of dollars daily in diagnostic testing, blood work, more vaccines and deadly prescription drugs (that still only address the symptoms, never the root cause). Yes, SPS, Spike Protein Syndrome, is sweeping the nation and the world like a pandemic, and the injected sheeple and their doctors are all like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. Welcome to the gain of function plandemic, with 270 million Americans involved in the biggest medical experiment of our age.

Over 270 million Americans are guinea pigs in Big Pharma’s ultimate “inside job”

New studies reveal more than HALF of all COVID-19 vaxxed sheeple feel sick up to at least a whole year later, and their quality of life has significantly declined due directly to the Wuhan virus stabs. Follow the bouncing ball. COVID-19 vaccine recipients are suffering needlessly from health complications from spike proteins and graphene nanoparticles being created relentlessly by their mRNA-reprogrammed cells, and this clogs and clots their vascular system, straining the heart.

Plus, the virus-mimicking protein prions invade their cleansing organs and their brain, sending the immune system into shock, telling it to ATTACK those vital organs to kill the parasites (but the parasites are now created by their own body, every minute, every hour, every day, possibly forever. Yes, a study published at ScienceDirect just this month examined PCVS (post COVID vaccine syndrome) to assess these people’s quality of life, and the news was grim, to say the least. It gets worse.

The quality of life of those suffering from post-COVID-vax-syndrome got WORSE after twelve months. Those who were ignorant enough to take the COVID booster shots that Gain-of-Function-Fauci highly recommended had far higher PCVS than everyone else. It gets spooky too. PCVS debilitating health conditions are very similar to long-term COVID. Could it be the peptides from the snake venom? That would explain all the miscarriages of pregnant women who got jabbed, and people experiencing hallucinations and major organ failure. Time for all the naysayers to check the VenomTech website for more information about medicine made from deadly venoms, including these so-called COVID “vaccinations” that aren’t really vaccines at all.

Many perfectly healthy people are rushing to the hospital with sharp shooting pains in their brain that nobody can explain, including their doctors, who all seem even more confused after exhaustive and expensive diagnostic testing. Others suffer swelling of the heart muscle, and sudden “rare” blood clots that aren’t even made of blood (just white rubbery stuff with heavy metals in it — hence the nanoparticles chelating). Many others suffer from relentless lethargy, having no energy or motivation to even keep living their lives (lives that they enjoyed before they got the COVID jabs).

It’s important to note that no financial or interpersonal conflicts have affected the study results, and that is one reason you won’t see this vital information published via mainstream media, including being searchable via Google. Still, the National Library of Medicine analyzed over 80 articles confirming cardiovascular complications in over 17,000 people who got stuck with the mRNA prion-creating jab, and that includes nearly 300 of those folks dying from it.

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