Biden’s FDA rushed COVID-19 vaccine approval for children despite experts’ appeals for more time to study negative effects

The Biden administration pressured medical professionals to rush approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for children before there was sufficient testing to ascertain its safety, experts have testified, and when top FDA vaccine experts asked for more time to study the side effects of the jabs in young adults and children, they were fired.

This is according to testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Administrative State, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust this week looking into the politicization of the FDA during the pandemic.

The subcommittee also released an interim staff report about the topic, “Politics, Private Interests, and the Biden Administration’s Deviation from Agency Regulations in the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which explained how the Biden administration pressured the FDA to work outside of its regulatory authority to cut corners and change procedures to push through authorization of the Pfizer jab and booster shots, which effectively enabled them to issue vaccine mandates even as concerns persisted about vaccine injury.

During the hearing, Chairman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) read testimony from the former director of the FDA’s vaccine office, Dr. Marion Gruber. She told the FDA’s top vaccine regulator, Dr. Peter Marks, that the vaccine needed to undergo more testing in younger people, especially males aged 12 to 17. However, Dr. Marks reportedly brushed off her concerns.

Massie recounted: “Right when they were getting the warnings that myocarditis and pericarditis are real and serious side effects to the vaccine, the top scientists at FDA had already agreed to compress the schedule as much as possible, right when they got the message that there were serious side effects.”

He said that rather than taking the cautious route, Mr. Marks further expedited the schedule at this point so the vaccines could be licensed and mandated sooner.

Both Dr. Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause, another former FDA scientist, testified that they felt pressured to cut corners in reviewing the COVID-19 vaccines so that government mandates could be pushed through faster.

Dr. Marks didn’t just ignore the experts’ recommendations; he dismissed them, sending a strong message to everyone who values their job that any type of dissent would not be tolerated.

“And when they said that compressing the schedule was not possible, he fired them. He took them off the job, he assigned them to other duties. The top vaccine officials who had been there for 30 years, taken off the job because they wanted more time to study the effects of the vaccines. And they were told they needed to do this quickly because they needed to be mandated,” Massie noted.

Sadly, this turn of events is not at all surprising given the way that so many doctors have been treated after expressing reservations about the vaccine, but it is nevertheless horrifying to hear what little regard the agency that is supposed to protect Americans gave to children’s health at such a pivotal time.

Vaccine injuries were mishandled, subcommittee reveals

The subcommittee also exposed how reports of vaccine injuries were mishandled despite the requirements for vaccines that obtain emergency use authorization to actively obtain and report feedback about their safety.

Dr. Janet Woodcock, who was the Acting FDA commissioner at the time, has said that when it comes to vaccine-related injuries, she is disappointed in herself and admitted that the FDA didn’t do enough to address these injuries.

“During the pandemic, politics overruled science at the government institutions entrusted with protecting public health. The FDA abandoned its congressional directive to protect citizens from false claims and undisclosed side effects, and instead ignored its own rules to pursue a policy of promoting the vaccine while downplaying potential harms,” Massie said.

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