Strange Russian radio signal that has been broadcasting for over 40 years may be linked to UFOs and nukes

A strange radio signal has been broadcasting from Russia for over four decades. The signal has puzzled ham radio fans, scientists and even spies.

Some think it is part of the Russian government’s secret search for extraterrestrial intelligence program, while others say that the signal is actively communicating with a visiting alien species. Some have suggested that it might be a “Dead Hand” doomsday trigger that can launch nuclear weapons if Russia’s leadership is out of commission.

David Stupples, a professor who teaches electronic and radio engineering at the City, University of London, has studied the signal and suggests that it is “almost certainly the Russian government that is using it.”

Stupples warned that if it is indeed being broadcast by the Russian government, “it wouldn’t be for peaceful purposes.” The professor also believes that the strange broadcast, nicknamed “The Buzzer” and officially known by its original call sign “UVB-76,” has probably been kept active as a fail-safe in the event of nuclear war.

Broadcast at the 4625 kHz shortwave radio frequency, some physicists think the signal is being used to monitor Earth’s ionosphere.

However, Stupples, who has experience in orbital or otherwise space-based reconnaissance platforms, surveillance and navigation systems, conceded that both incredible and mundane explanations are still possible. He also suggested that Russia could be reserving the channel “for air defense or some form of defense”

Interest in “The Buzzer” began in 1982

Amateur ham radio interest and unclassified scientific interest in “The Buzzer” first increased back in 1982. In the past, the station was known to broadcast only a coded and puzzling series of beeps.

However, by 1992 the broadcasts became weirder. The signal started making buzzing noises, 25 times every minute. Occasionally, it would make an eerie tone similar to a foghorn.

By the nineties, UVB-76’s buzzing would become occasionally interrupted by anonymous male and female voices. The voices would read lists of apparently random names, words or numbers. The tones of the noises the station broadcast would also vary, with some saying that they could potentially hide secret information inside those tonal shifts.

This diversity of odd broadcasts caught the attention of Stupples and other experts since that variety is out of character for a simple “emergency placeholder signal.

Stupples explained that a government or military institution that wants to keep control of a certain radio frequency will usually broadcast a single basic test pattern repeatedly. But “The Buzzer” broadcast involved more complex and confusing signals. According to Stupples, he put the broadcast through his signal spectrum analyzers and was “unable to pick any intelligence out at all.”

Ary Boender, a freelance radio monitor from the Netherlands, has heard different theories about the signal.

Boender, who runs the website Numbers Oddities, shared that some of them suggest that the signal is a homing beacon for UFOs or a mind control device that the Russians can use to program your mind. (Related: Declassified documents reveal current and former senators believe the government has secretly recovered UFOs of non-human origin.)

Jochen Schafer, who served for many years as head of a citizen’s group in Germany that monitored professional spies, previously noted that “The Buzzer” is a radio broadcast that allows agents in the field to transmit coded messages.

In 2010, the mystery of UVB-76 became more complicated when it disappeared from its first broadcasting location, which was confirmed as a Russian army base near the town of Povarovo, located 19 miles outside Moscow.

The signal stopped broadcasting for at least 24 hours.

On August 25, 2010, amateur listeners monitoring the station heard something they described as people shuffling around a room. Egor Esveev, a Russian now based in Ottawa, said that in 2014 he managed to track down the origin of the signal after it moved from Povarovo.

Esveev claimed to have traced it near the Russian city of Pskov, on the border with Estonia, which he explored and photographed by himself. The abandoned building was “very creepy,” he said.

The station was set up like a regular Russian military base with two different perimeters, according to Esveev, with most of the buildings either destroyed or abandoned. He also discovered a lot of destroyed documents, including one about “ceasing operations of the base.”

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Watch this clip of “Tru News” as host Rick Wiles discusses Russia’s accusation that the West is preparing for nuclear war.

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