The PSYOP continues: Experts claim new strain of MONKEYPOX with pandemic potential discovered in Central Africa … they demand everyone get vaccinated

A new strain of monkeypox with the potential to spread and cause another pandemic has been discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in Central Africa, say medical experts. Be afraid. Another pandemic psyop is being initiated.

According to the Daily Mail, the strain dubbed clade 1b was found in the gold mining town of Kamituga in the DRC’s South Kivu province. It evolved from the more lethal clade 1 variant of the virus, which is endemic to Central Africa. Clade 1b showed increased infectiousness and an enhanced ability to evade detection by conventional testing methods.

The Mail added that Kamituga – a poor, densely populated town sustained by its gold mining industry – could fuel the spread of clade 1b outside the DRC’s borders. The local population, which often travels for work, interacts frequently with neighboring countries – exacerbating the risk of monkeypox.

Congolese scientists and international collaborators reported the discovery in a pre-print study posted April 14 on medRxiv. It highlighted clade 1b’s “pandemic potential” and underscored the necessity for swift international cooperation to prevent a widespread health crisis. According to the study’s authors, the town’s health facilities as ill-prepared to handle a surge in cases due to the lack of resources and infrastructure needed to combat a major outbreak.

“Without intervention, this localized Kamituga outbreak harbors the potential to spread nationally and internationally,” they wrote. “Given the history of [monkeypox] outbreaks in the DRC, we advocate for swift action by endemic countries and the international community to avert another global [monkeypox] outbreak.”

As per the Mail, Kinshasa has been struggling to contain an earlier outbreak of clade 1b. It is believed to have emerged sometime between July and September 2023 in animals and jumped to humans.

There were 108 monkeypox clade 1b infections recorded in relation to this outbreak, alongside two deaths. As it spread in Kamituga, it acquired new mutations that helped it spread – especially among sex workers. Nearly 30 percent of cases were among sex workers, the tabloid pointed out.

As expected, study authors call for VACCINATION against monkeypox

The report called for immediate global support to supply vaccines, the implementation of widespread testing and enhancement of local health services to manage and contain the virus effectively. (Related: Here we go again: MONKEYPOX is the next “scariant” being unleashed on the world to demand vaccine compliance.)

“Urgent measures must be implemented, including intensifying local surveillance; enhancing referral systems and case management; and implementing targeted [monkeypox] vaccination for individuals at high risk.”

In 2022, a global outbreak of monkeypox caused by the less lethal clade 2 strain prompted international concern as cases surged in over 100 countries. Developed nations, however, managed to control its spread through effective testing and vaccination strategies.

This historical context raised alarms about the new clade 1b strain’s potential impact, particularly given its origins in a region already struggling with the more virulent clade 1. But for Mac Slavo of SHTF Plan, there is a much more serious reason to be alarmed.

“These ‘experts’ have unsurprisingly called for mass vaccination; the rollout of vaccines and drugs; heightened surveillance; and contract tracing measures to be deployed in the area,” he wrote. “If this spreads, medical tyranny could be upon us once again.”

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