False savior: COVID vaccine rollout spurred a 55% increase in disabilities among American working women

According to data taken directly from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million working age women have become disabled since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Historically, employed Americans were the healthiest group of people in the population. Since 2020, a constant wave of bio-terror, disease propaganda, lockdowns, censorship, withheld treatments and harmful medical mandates have crippled the working age population. These totalitarian actions have threatened livelihoods, damaged human dignity and choked passions and work ethics, leaving many people confused with mental illnesses, vaccine injuries and added financial stress. This mental degradation and the psychical harms from so-called “vaccines” have had widespread societal impacts that have fueled unprecedented rates of self-reported disability.

Over 1 million working age women report disability after COVID vaccine rollout in U.S.

Since February 2021, both men and women (ages 16-64) have been reporting disabilities at an ever-increasing rate. Women have been hit the worse. From February 2021 to November 2023, the number of women reporting disabilities rose by an unprecedented 55% – from 2.1 million women to 3.2 million women. This unprecedented rise in disability has shocked the insurance industry, reversing decades-long trends in disability and excess death.

The latest U.S. Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics report for November 2023 finds that approximately 299,000 more non-working Americans (ages 16 and over) report being disabled. Also in November, another 199,000 employed Americans over the age of 16 have joined the ever-increasing population of disabled persons.

These increases in self-reported disability (with and without compensation) have continued since June of 2023. The increases first began in February of 2021. At that time, 5,961 Americans ages 16 and over reported they had a disability. By August of 2021, that number increased by 42% to 8,477 people reporting disability. That year, the rate of self-reported disability only fell in November, but only by a meager 1%. Since November 2021, the number of people reporting disabilities continued to climb at unprecedented rates.

In Pfizer’s 5.3.6 post-marketing data, which includes 450,000 pages of internal reports on vaccine damage in the first ten weeks of the vaccine’s rollout, women were harmed three times more frequently than men. During the first ten weeks, there were 42,086 “relevant cases” of adverse events from Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. The adverse events encompassed 29,914 women and 9,182 men. In the internal reports, a shocking 1,223 people (2.9%) died.

Shocking 1.4 million excess disabilities reported from February 2021 to December 2022

Ed Dowd, author of “Causes Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” was one of the first people to notice the shocking rise in disabilities and deaths following the COVID vaccine rollout.

In a study covering February 2021 to December 2022, Ed Dowd found “an increase of about 1,400,000 disabilities in the civilian labor force aged 16-64, while there were about 300,000 excess deaths (for the 25-64 age group), during that period.” Dowd believes the constant stream of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine updates will continue to poison the population and drive the disability and excess death statistics to even higher numbers in 2024, especially for working age adults ages 25-64.

Ed Dowd told The Defender that “Morbidity leads to mortality.” He said the government disability survey offers an important statistical window into the abysmal state of public health in the US. “The data is confirmation that the trend of rising U.S. disability as measured by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is not abating,” Dowd told The Defender. He says, “The civilian labor force…have had a steeper rise than the general population. Unless this issue is addressed it will compromise the labor force over time.”

While COVID vaccine uptake has fallen drastically since 2021, the ongoing health issues caused by the spike protein may continue in certain people. Moreover, the latest COVID boosters remain on the market, harming more people, despite an ever-growing movement to remove them from the market and restore some form of scientific integrity.

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