Thousands of children were injured by DTP vaccine lots that were 14 times more toxic and contained cholera antigens

Not all vaccine lots are created the same. When a greater volume of adjuvant is used in a vaccine, it can cause more numerous and more serious side effects. The adjuvant (usually aluminum salts) is the ingredient used to augment an immune response in the individual. Likewise, vaccine manufacturers can accidentally mix up or mislabel the type of antigens used in a vaccine lot. The antigen is the weakened, killed, or live pathogen (virus or bacterium) that is used to generate a specific B-cell immune response in the individual.

Vaccine manufacturers may inadvertently add more antigen and/or adjuvant during the manufacturing process, generating thousands of vaccines that are different from the ones originally tested for safety and effectiveness. Vaccine manufacturers may also add the wrong type of antigen to a vaccine lot, or there could be errors in the labeling, shipping, and handling of the final product. These issues were at play in the 1960s and 70s, when DTP vaccines were causing clusters of brain damage and death in infants.

Some vaccine lots are more reactive, cause brain damage to children

In the 60s and 70s, the DTP vaccine was poorly manufactured. Designed to prevent diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough), the DTP vaccine actually caused more serious health issues in some infants.

According to an investigation into British drug company Glaxo Wellcome, some of these vaccine lots were actually 14 times stronger and more toxic than the vaccine lots originally tested for safety and effectiveness. Back in the 1970s, infants born in the UK were administered bad vaccine lots, many of them containing cholera antigens and high dose adjuvants that were not designed for their body weight and blood volume.

When doctors began reporting more cases of brain damaged infants, the UK Department of Health commissioned Professor Gordon Stewart to analyze suspect DTP vaccine batches. According to the manufacturer’s records, there were two suspect DTP vaccine lots that turned out to contain cholera antigens. These infamous lots – 84998 and 83607 – contained thousands of doses of cholera that were injected into babies between 1972 and 1974. These batches were linked to a serious rise in convulsions and other serious adverse events reported in babies.

The vaccine lots were 14 times more potent than the standard dose established by the British government. Another 14 batches were never put through necessary toxicity tests, leading to thousands of babies being poisoned all across the UK.

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Family fights for over two decades for compensation for their son’s DTP vaccine injury

One of the injured babies was Kenneth Best. The UK government granted Kenneth’s family 2.75mil pounds in 1993, after the family fought back against the vaccine manufacturer following their child’s brain injury. The injury occurred back in 1969, when Kenneth was administered an extremely toxic dose of the whooping cough (DTP) vaccine.

After the vaccine, Kenneth became nonverbal, self-harming, incontinent and displayed severe mental and emotional underdevelopment for his age. The court described Kenneth’s condition as if he was “irreversibly frozen” as a six- to 18-month-old child. Kenneth’s symptoms are typical of a severe autism diagnosis, which has become more prevalent over the past three decades.

The Irish Supreme Court awarded compensation to the boy, and the judge accused Glaxo Wellcome of negligence and poor-quality control in their laboratories. Further investigation by Denis Naughten, senior Irish MP, found that Glaxo used an even more toxic version of the DTP vaccine (batch 3732) at around the same time. This batch was used on hundreds, if not thousands, of babies.

With these revelations, dozens of British parents, formerly silenced, came forward with accounts of vaccine injury in their babies. In the end, Glaxo paid up for Kenneth’s serious injury, but the company did not admit to fault. The company insists that their vaccines are safe and important for preventing the targeted diseases. This is the same line parroted by media outlets and governments around the world, but the reality is that children are suffering from more extensive chronic diseases now, and families are challenged with vaccine-induced brain damage, neurodevelopment disorders and autism in their children.

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