Jaw-dropping report from Ed Dowd: Hematological health claims skyrocketed 522% above trend in 2022

Former Blackrock portfolio asset manager and renowned data analyst Edward Dowd recently found through the United Kingdom’s Personal Independence Payment (PIP) system that hematological cases went up by 522 percent for the years 2020 to 2022, the same period when the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic ran.

“Something’s going on with our workforce that we’ve never seen before,” the founder of Phinance Technologies told hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Kelly Victory during the former’s July 18 appearance at “Ask Dr. Drew.”

“The signals found here are just ridiculous and it looks like a cover-up,” he added pertaining to the alarming increase in disabilities following the rollout of mRNA vaccines.

He proceeded to project a slide showing yearly PIP clearances (payments) by body systems, using different metrics for the said period. “The trends were stable [from years before] and then this exploded.”

“I want to say this is versus trend. It’s not versus 2021 or 2020. It’s versus a trend that we analyzed from 2016 to 2019. So, it’s a percent increase over trend,” he explained referring to the blood-related cases.

He also pointed out that as per the chart, the increased claims in different body systems started off slowly in 2020, picked up speed in 2021, and just exploded in 2022. “So, something is going on that is detrimental to the population of the U.K.,” he concluded.

The following are the alarming increased percentage per body system, apart from the 522 percent hematological cases: auditory – up 121 percent; cardiovascular – up 121 percent; dermatological – up 138 percent; endocrine, metabolic, and thermoregulation – up 156 percent; gastrointestinal – up 145 percent; genito-urinary – up 143 percent; immune – up 115 percent; neurological – up 107 percent; and psychiatric – up 124 percent.

On a quote-reply to another user, Dowd made it clear that the data is actual disability claims cleared and paid. Meaning, what was listed were the underlying causes. “These numbers are just crazy percentagewise,” Dowd remarked during the interview. Also, alarmingly, the increase in blood-related claims equates to a 61 standard deviation.

A three-standard deviation happens 0.3 percent of the time and it is already a big deal on Wall Street. “Sometimes we see extreme six-standard deviation events, and that’s kooky,” he added. However, this is an overwhelming 61-fold standard deviation.

“That’s like the probability of a black hole appearing near the earth, and we get sucked in in two years. It’s not something that is likely to occur mistakenly,” he stressed.

In early 2021, Dowd noticed a rise in reports about sudden deaths among athletes and young people across the country. He amassed evidence from the insurance industry, funeral homes, and government databases to uncover an increase in sudden deaths among working-age Americans. (Related: In new interview, Ed Dowd unpacks devastating economic consequences of covid jab injuries, disabilities and deaths.)

Watch the full “Ask Dr. Drew” July 18-streamed live episode below.

Meanwhile, Twitter followers of pro-freedom citizen journalist @VigilantFox, which posted the interview, the next day the show was streamed, replied to the thread with gratitude for Dowd for confirming how mRNA vaccines pose serious health risks.

Chiropractor Dr. Ralph Sciullo said: “I told everyone. COVID and Long COVID are serious. Thank u for confirming it.”

“They won’t explain it. Medical community is in denial and coverup mode. I lost friends of 50 years who are in the medical profession, for daring to say negative truths about the shot. If the good ones acknowledge what they did can you imagine how they process their guilt?” @Trinka2020 replied.

Another one posted: “Friend of ours died 5 weeks post diagnosis of a blood cancer earlier this year. Fit and healthy previously. Early 50s. Two teenage kids. Fully jabbed.”

VaccineInjuryNews.com has more stories on the dangers of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

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