Study finds that chlorine dioxide destroys gender-bender herbicide atrazine in water

The peer-reviewed journal Water Research is publishing a bombshell study in its July 1, Volume 239 issue about a novel form of “solar-activated” chlorine dioxide that is powerful enough to degrade and neutralize toxic atrazine in drinking water, rendering it safe for human and animal consumption.

Chinese researchers from numerous prominent universities looked at solar-activated chlorine dioxide and other methods of cleansing and purifying contaminated water to make it safe for drinking. They highlighted new technologies that use advanced oxidation processes, or AOPs, with low energy input to address the presence of microcontaminants and the formation of disinfection byproducts, or DBPs.

They found that activating chlorine dioxide using solar energy, which they describe as “a type of renewable and inexhaustible energy,” is specifically able to degrade atrazine (ATZ), a gender-bender crop chemical sprayed on non-organic food that leaches into the water supply.

Twenty twenty-four presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned about atrazine as well, agreeing that children and others who consume it in tainted water have a high risk of feeling homosexual or transgender because of the damage it causes to the endocrine system.

Based on their assessment, the Chinese researchers determined that hydroxyl radicals and solar-activated chlorine dioxide helped rid contaminated water of atrazine at rates of 55.9 percent and 44.1 percent respectively based on radical quenching tests and competition kinetics.

Check out the following episode of the Health Ranger Report from in which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses the findings at length:

Treating water with solar-activated chlorine dioxide could protect zebrafish and other aquatic animals from unintended gender-bender “transitions”

The study looked at other detoxifying agents as well including bicarbonate and human acid, both of which also helped retard the degradation of atrazine into toxic byproducts, outlining further the multi-stage process of degradation and how these substances interfere with that.

“Applying solar / ClO2 as a pretreatment of HA-containing water, the formation of DBPs during post-chlorination was significantly reduced,” the study explains. “However, the presence of ATZ during solar / ClO2 pretreatment of HA significantly lowered the control efficiency of DBPs.”

“The acute toxicity recorded by the behavior of zebrafish larvae revealed that using chloramine instead of chlorine downstream the solar / ClO2 pretreatment of ATZ and HA could significantly reduce the acute toxicity by decreasing the formation of total DBPs.”

It turns out that without chlorine dioxide or some other decontamination method being applied to it, atrazine-tainted water will only continue to “transition” zebrafish, frogs, and other aquatic animals from their natural biology into “transsexuals,” which is something that earlier studies have identified as a major environmental problem.

Children who consume atrazine-tainted water risk developing LGBT feelings that Pride proponents will then exploit to groom them into transgenderism or some other flavor of the LGBT “rainbow.”

“Chlorine dioxide is extremely useful in sanitizing equipment,” one commenter wrote about the incredible benefits of this powerful, natural substance. “There are many health benefits, too, as there is much information with test results one can read about pertaining to chlorine dioxide.”

Another pointed out that the work of researcher Stephanie Seneff has also determined that chlorine dioxide destroys glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in Roundup herbicide that has also become a problem in water supplies.

“And vitamin C neutralizes nitrates when taken with a meal,” this person added about another little health tip that can easily be incorporated into someone’s daily routine.

“Jim Humble in his books believes that chlorine dioxide can be used to treat snake bites as well,” this person added, “snake bites” referring to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

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