A 3-day fast can reduce inflammation, revitalize the immune system and clear up post-vaccine symptoms

The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) now recommends prolonged FASTING as a first-line treatment for post-vaccine symptoms and the inflammatory conditions associated with the vague diagnostic term “long COVID.”

The FLCCC doctors see firsthand how the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is damaging people, whether through natural infection or through the mRNA transcription process relayed by the COVID-19 vaccines. They believe the spike protein is exacerbating underlying inflammatory conditions and causing additional micro-clotting, mitochondrial dysfunction, autoimmune conditions and neurological issues. The doctors believe that a 3-day fast can break down and recycle these COVID-19 spike proteins through a process called chaperone-mediated autophagy.

Autophagy improves Type-2 diabetes, obesity and the inflammatory conditions associated with “long COVID”

The process of autophagy does not occur during intermittent fasting. An intermittent fast involves 12 -24-hour breaks between meals and has become a popular method to spur weight loss. While intermittent fasting remains an effective lifestyle practice, the process of autophagy only activates after a person fasts for 24-72 hours.

Dr. Syed Haider, a board-certified internist, reported that patients experience a complete reversal of inflammatory and neurological symptoms during prolonged fasts. Patients typically report reductions in pain and resolving brain fog. After clearing protein debris, autophagy helps regenerate neurons and encourages the formation of new neuron connections. Fasting increases the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, improving a person’s mental clarity and memory.

Prolonged fasting also causes insulin levels to decrease, forcing the body to use stored fat for energy. Spike proteins tend to sequester in the fat reserves, so prolonged fasting pushes the spike proteins out of the body to improve health over the long term. Prolonged fasting also activates genes that suppress inflammation and reduces inflammatory immune cells. One study shows that a three-day fast degrades old immune cells and regenerates new ones, resetting the immune system.

Prolonged fasting can help people injured by vaccines

Scott Marsland, a nurse practitioner who treats vaccine injury, said his patients see a complete reversal of symptoms during prolonged fasts. The doctors claim that the prolonged fasts decrease spike protein levels. According to board-certified internist Dr. Jordan Vaughn, patients’ post-vaccine symptoms improve because autophagy causes their anti-spike antibody levels to decrease, quelling an over-active immune response. Dr. Vaughn analyzed data from antibody tests taken from approximately 800 patients who either had “long COVID” or post-vaccine symptoms. While the antibody test is not foolproof, it did provide insight into the profound effects that prolonged fasting has on an overwhelmed and/or dis-regulated immune system.

By decreasing insulin levels, prolonged fasting can improve the metabolic conditions that lead to severe disease. The decrease in insulin helps improve the body’s ability to manage blood sugar levels, putting Type-2 diabetes in remission.

Prolonged fasting also forces the body to breakdown visceral fat, which is linked to inflammation and insulin resistance. It’s important to note that obesity and Type-2 diabetes are two of the underlying conditions that increased infectious disease mortality during the COVID-19 crisis. Prolonged fasting has a wide range of benefits. It can improve the conditions that are behind COVID-19 mortality; it can clear up “long COVID” inflammation and autoimmunity; and it can reduce many symptoms of vaccine injury, especially the ones related to neurological damage.

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