FDA anoints itself the arbiter of truth, despite misleading millions of Americans into injury and death

After spending decades pushing propaganda about ineffective and unsafe drugs, and after spending the last three years deceiving the public about lockdowns, diagnostics, masks and Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suddenly finds itself the ultimate arbiter of the truth!

The FDA released a video on May 16, warning the public about the dangers of “misinformation” on issues like the covid-19 vaccine. The FDA video claims that “misinformation can spread 6x faster than facts.”

When it comes to “public health,” the FDA supposedly has all the answers. But it’s actually the FDA that is spreading lies and censoring the truth across the internet, with no real accountability. In fact, the FDA has misled millions of Americans, pushing remdesivir approvals and vaccine mandates that have resulted in injury and death for millions.

FDA regards its own misinformation as truth

The FDA rumor control page directs the public to read from “trusted sources” such as “independent fact checkers” and government websites. These websites have proven to be the greatest source of pharmaceutical propaganda. During the covid-19 scandal, their guidance misled the public, imparting mental illnesses, endorsing human rights abuses, and coercing the public to partake in destructive medical experiments.

The FDA teaches “How to report misinformation online” using terms like “stop the spread” in an attempt to reign in what they have targeted as “misinformation.” The page gives official government narratives and a list of trusted sites to follow. “Trusted sites” include coronavirus.gov, vaccines.gov, and usa.gov/health. When those in power determine a narrative, Americans are told to follow the science as “recommendations evolve.”

FDA’s weaponized narratives failed the public health during the COVID-19 scandal

The FDA ultimately revoked the emergency use authorization for the original SARS-CoV-2 PCR diagnostic panel. These tests were not properly calibrated to the standard cycle count and turned up false positives in control samples. These flawed tests created the illusion of a never-ending pandemic, capitalizing off people’s fears and illnesses and driving a perceived societal need to self-isolate, separate, and lock down. The FDA’s covid-19 testing program was based off medical fraud – amplifying dead viral debris of multiple coronavirus strains to push out false positive diagnoses for a new disease of unknown origin, for which Koch’s postulates were not followed to identify it.

These misleading diagnoses were used to terrorize the world and the nation, driving hysterical lockdowns and dangerous hospital policies of family separation that led to untold iatrogenic errors. Over time, more people rejected these misleading covid-19 testing kits, even as they were being used as part of a coercive campaign to discriminate against the unvaccinated. These false diagnostics were used to indoctrinate the public with the concept of “asymptomatic spread” and that healthy people can spread diseases they do not have. After the mRNA jabs were launched, these false diagnostics were used to claim that we are living in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

The FDA’s war against safe and effective treatments for infection and their vaccine push harmed millions. The FDA’s narratives on covid-19 origins, lockdowns, school closures, treatments, mandatory masking, and safe and effective vaccines all turned out to be false, misleading, and dangerous.

The FDA, the media, and Big Tech orchestrated coordinated attacks against people who freely breathe oxygen and go outside to get exercise and interact with others. Their dangerous propaganda targeted ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and vitamin D, and never provided information on various anti-virals that shorten the duration of illness and convey natural immunity. Instead, the FDA continues to approve an old Ebola drug (remdesivir) for covid-19 patients, even with conflicting reports of efficacy and well-known harms. The FDA pushed out the covid jabs, even after Pfizer’s preliminary data proved the vaccine to be deadly and destructive to human immune systems.

If the FDA is worried about “misinformation,” then the agency should recant all their mistakes and beg the public for forgiveness. How will the FDA ever be trusted again — especially if our nation’s highest law enforcement agencies continue to hold on nervously to empty handcuffs, afraid to address the crime rings that run our government agencies?

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