Authoritarian “Virality Project” of Stanford called for Big Tech to censor TRUE stories of vaccine injuries

Author and former Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi is on a roll in breaking down the contents of the Twitter Files, which show that Stanford University is pushing Big Tech to censor “stories of true vaccine side effects” and “true posts which could fuel hesitancy.”

In post No. 32 of a lengthy Twitter Files revelation chain, Taibbi tweeted that Stanford employees – none of whom are health or medical experts, just to be clear – approached social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and pushed them to silence the voices of accounts telling the truth about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

As part of its so-called “Virality Project,” Stanford informed the tech industry that its platforms contained “standard vaccine misinformation” that needed to be removed immediately.

“The default: posts on your platform spreading clearly false spearing vaccine misinformation that we believe violate your policies,” reads a bullet point in a Virality Project’s outline of action to be taken.

“Known repeat offenders (include) [f]alse or misleading posts from the accounts of well-known repeat offenders, such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. or Sherri Tenpenny. This is a large volume of content that is almost always reportable. Ex. RFK posts that 4,000 vaccine adverse reactions were reported to CDC in one week.”

(Related: The Twitter Files also show that the globalist plan is to transform every human being who is still alive in 2025 into a bug-eating transgender.)

If all Americans rejected Big Pharma entirely, the powers that be would no longer be

Alleged “misinformation” is not the Stanford Virality Project’s only concern. It turns out that “true content” is also off limits from the social media-sphere because it “might promote vaccine hesitancy,” which the globalists cannot allow to happen on a large scale.

Were tens of millions of Americans to wake up to the vaccine scam, Big Pharma’s profit streams would halt, crashing Wall Street’s “stock market” casino and putting an end to Mystery Babylon’s cash cow – the globalists cannot allow any of this to happen, either.

One way they are muzzling the truth from getting out is by bullying tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter into censoring “viral posts of individuals expressing vaccine hesitancy, or stories of true vaccine side effects.”

“This content is not clearly mis or disinformation, but it may be malinformation (exaggerated or misleading),” the Virality Project’s internal documents read. “Also included in this bucket are often true posts which could fuel hesitancy, such as individual countries banning certain vaccines.”

Two examples were included alongside this, one being news articles and posts about a central New York school district having to close after many school staff fell ill with covid “vaccine” side effects.” The other centers around “conversation around recent celebrity deaths after vaccine.”

“Often this content is unverifiable (cause of death is unclear), but spreads quickly and drives conversations about hesitancy …,” the Virality Project documents further read.

Commenting on these and other Twitter Files revelations, Taibbi wrote in a separate tweet that all of this “is the Censorship-Industrial Complex at its essence: a bureaucracy willing to sacrifice factual truth in service of broader narrative objectives.”

“It’s the opposite of what a free press does,” he added.

Ironically, the Censorship-Industrial Complex is the very thing it claims to be fighting: a prominent source of disinformation. And it has the advantage in that its funding comes from American taxpayers, whom Taibbi says are inadvertently “funding their own estrangement from reality.”

“Without real oversight mechanisms, there is nothing to prevent these super-empowered information vanguards from bending the truth for their own ends,” Taibbi further wrote.

The late President Dwight Eisenhower warned about all this in his farewell address to America, stating that “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists” – watch the full farewell speech below:

The only way to put a stop to the madness is to stop funding it. One person, responding to Taibbi’s Twitter Files chain, wrote that the only way to have any “real oversight” over the Censorship-Industrial Complex is to “cut off state tax funding and return full monetary control and power to the people, who then get to decide how much of their money they’d like to contribute to common efforts to spend on what.”

Another wrote simply that the time is now to “stop this s***” once and for all, through whatever means possible, so that current and future generations of Americans will not have to live under the type of tyranny our ancestors fought to escape.

“So ‘misinformation’ is now also lumped in with disagreeing with something and posting a news article that is true, just because it might make someone hesitate to take a new medical thing,” clarified another about Stanford’s apparent position on the First Amendment.

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