Timothy Alberino: Aliens are creating hybrids, integrating them into human society

Author and researcher Timothy Alberino remarked that the alien threat is real, adding that aliens are creating hybrids and integrating them into human society.

“We do have an alien threat. It is specifically aside from the fallen angel threat that’s been with humanity since the beginning,” he told the Health Ranger Mike Adams during the Feb. 22 edition of the “Health Ranger Report.”

“You have gray aliens who are actively abducting people and creating human-alien hybrids. They are slowly integrating into human society. So these human-alien hybrids integrating into society and perhaps moving their way up the ranks in the military and government. Maybe that’s what their purpose is.”

The author and researcher expounded: “They look like us, they sound like us for all intents and purposes [and] they are us. But in actuality, they are not us. They are hybrids, and they are not loyal to the human species. They are loyal to basically their makers, the [gray aliens]. That’s why I said that human beings are having contact with the gray alien species on a daily basis because of the abduction phenomenon.” (Related: Astrophysicist claims CIA staged forced UFO “abductions” as psychological warfare experiments.)

Alberino, known as a modern-day Indiana Jones, added that these gray aliens are operating with the help of an advanced artificial intelligence. These same aliens are also the perpetrators of the alien abduction program.

Alien abduction program has been going on for decades

According to Alberino, people being abducted by aliens is nothing new. He added that such abductions have been reported since the turn of the 20th century – with most occurring during the 1940s and 1950s.

“Alien abductions are not one-offs. It is a systematic, highly organized program,” he said, stressing that competent researchers have compiled a large body of data on the phenomenon. Alberino also noted how people from different walks of life, cultures and levels of civilization across the planet have the exact same experiences pertaining to alien abduction.

The Brighteon.com and Natural News founder also put in his two cents on the issue. He told Alberino that the gray aliens must be treating Earth like a zoo where they can obtain genetic samples and experiment on the population. Adams lamented that these aliens do not respect the human beings living on the planet.

In response, Alberino commented that the gray aliens’ objective is planetary acquisition, not just experimentation on humans and human DNA collection. Their ultimate endgame is terraforming the planet in order to acquire it. Adams concurred with his guest, comparing the carbon sequestration to a terraforming operation to alter the Earth’s atmosphere and collapse the human ecosystem.

Moreover, he took note that the entities behind several unidentified flying object (UFO) encounters are taking a more hostile stance. These aliens have been able to completely shut down nuclear silos, hover over naval ships and buzz aircraft. Frequent incidents of flying saucers, extraterrestrial craft or advanced aerospace vehicles hovering over secret military installations, underground bases and nuclear silos seem to attest to this.

“It seems that the posture of the phenomenon is changing. It’s becoming a little more aggressive, a little more hostile.”

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Watch the full conversation between Mike Adams and Timothy Alberino below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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