Governments have experimented with biological warfare for decades using insects as vectors

The biological warfare, medical tyranny, speech control, psychological warfare, and global money laundering operation that took place over the past three years shook many people to their core. These harsh realities woke us up to the fact that governments and their sprawling network of propagandists thrive off of terror and control, as they treat populations as expendable guinea pigs.

It has been that way for a long time. Biological warfare is not a conspiracy theory. For decades, governments around the world have experimented with biological warfare using insects as the vector of disease.

Entomological warfare has been going on since World War II

The goal of this biological warfare is to target vulnerabilities in a population, to weaken “enemies” and conquer them. Entomological warfare involves infecting insects with a pathogen and then dispersing the infected insects over target areas. As the insects bite people and animals, they spread infection. Additionally, invasive insects can also be deployed into a country en masse to take out crops and cripple a food supply.

During World War II, nations on both sides of the war considered using the Colorado potato beetle as an entomological weapon. In 1939, French biological warfare experts suggested that the Colorado Potato beetle could be used against the Germans to take out their crops. By 1944, an infestation of Colorado potato beetles was reported in Germany. Germany went on to mass produce the beetle, too, and even developed plans to drop the beetles onto English crops. During World War II, the Germans released 54,000 of these beetles just south of Frankfurt.

During World War II, Japan developed the plague flea and threatened to unleash hordes of plague-infected fleas during the war. The United States and Canada commissioned the Defense Research Laboratory to create their own fleet of plague-infected fleas. They also researched ways to turn mosquitoes and flies into vectors of disease. The US military came up with a plan to produce 100 million yellow fever-infected mosquitoes per month. The US military even dropped 300,000 uninfected mosquitoes onto its own people just to see how they impact a population. The Plum Island lab in New York was involved in the development of offensive bioweapons that led to Lyme’s disease outbreaks.

Japan’s biological warfare unit (Unit 731) was deployed against China during World War II. The unit deployed plague-infected fleas and cholera-infected flies to take out the Chinese. The Japanese dropped Yagi bombs that included houseflies and bacteria slurry. The mixture of insects and disease ultimately killed 500,000 Chinese citizens.

In the Soviet Union, the military created an entomological warfare program that consisted of anti-crop and anti-animal bioweapons. At its height, the facility was mass producing millions of parasitic insects per day. The Soviets engineered ticks to transmit hand, foot, and mouth disease. Avian ticks were engineered to transmit the disease directly to chickens.

Insects, viruses, and plants are being genetically engineered for population control

Today, insects are being genetically engineered using CRISPR/CAS9. Mosquitoes are being genetically modified to combat diseases, which could lead to mutations in the targeted pathogens. The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology warns that GMO insects could be developed for warfare and may be engineered to spread disease to crops, animals, and humans.

The DARPA Insect Allies program is already researching “countermeasures against potential natural and engineered threats to the food supply.” The program seeks to apply targeted therapies to mature plants using insect vectors. The insects are engineered to transmit viruses to plants. These viruses are intended to modify the genes of the plant.

It’s no coincidence that global elites are also threatening the food supply of entire nations and pushing for insects to be used in place of animal meats. Using insects to feed the world is a powerful way to control the global population. In the same way that the biotech industry uses insects and viruses to target the genomes of plants, they will also target the genomes of humans. The biotech industry is currently introducing mRNA instructions into plants. It won’t be long before viruses are introduced through the food supply to target the human genome.

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