Israel withheld information about vaccine injuries, adverse events

Israel vaccinated millions of its citizens for COVID-19 without reliable safety data on the injections. Worse, it was recently found that the Israelis actually withheld information about the dangers of vaccines.

Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, a researcher with the University of Haifa Health and Risk Communication Research Center, wrote at Real Time Magazine about a leaked Zoom meeting of an Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH) research team in June. The team was looking into findings from a new reporting system for adverse vaccine events that had been launched in December to replace their former, dysfunctional one.

At the meeting, pediatric specialist Prof. Mati Berkowitz, head of Shamir Medical Center’s Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology unit and his staff were tasked with analyzing data received from the Israeli HMO Meuhedet from December 2021 through May 2022.

They found that serious adverse events such as menstrual disorders, neurological side effects, musculoskeletal injuries, GI problems as well as kidney and urinary problems were long-lasting, with several reports finding that they can last for months or even a year. (Related: Israel lied, people died: The untold story of the Holy Land’s covid “vaccine” deception.)

They also found recurring events and illnesses that worsen upon repeat doses of the vaccine shots, which Berkowitz said elevated the causal link between events and the shots “from possible to definite.”

“Here we will have to really think medical-legal,” he warned. For a few of the adverse events, they said that it was okay, and they still encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. “I mean, we have to think about how to write it and how to present it correctly, so this will not yield lawsuits later.”

Israel Health Ministry manipulates findings

But when IMOH went on to release its report, Shir-Raz said the agency “misrepresented and manipulated the findings, minimizing the extent of the reports and stating that no new adverse events were found and that the events that were detected were not necessarily caused by the vaccine.”

The team’s revelations about the neurological injuries, long duration and re-challenge were omitted, while the report downplayed the numbers by “taking the number of patient reports received and dividing them by the total number of doses given in Israel for the entire year and a half since the beginning of the vaccine rollout despite the reporting system not starting until December 2021 and the analysis only covering six months.”

It also downplayed menstrual irregularities by using a denominator of the total number of all adult doses and concealing the fact that the study only includes reports from one small HMO, which represents only about 15 percent of the Israeli population.

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Executive Director Steve Kirsch said every mainstream medical leader should be saying that what the IMOH did is wrong and calling for an immediate investigation into the safety of the vaccines.

“We should be able to see the full presentation of the expert panel and their report. And the safety data should be released to the public like the VAERS data is,” he said.

Instead, Kirsch pointed out that medical leaders are not condemning what happened, and they weren’t asking for the report or the data. “They are staying silent as if it didn’t happen. They are all basically saying, ‘It is OK for a government to not monitor vaccine safety for 12 months, and then, after six months of safety monitoring and clear evidence of harm, deliberately misrepresenting the safety data to the public.”

The leaked video is yet another piece of evidence that fueled people’s aversion to the COVID shots, which were developed far more quickly than the traditional vaccines. It also failed to stop the spread of the virus.

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Watch the video below to know more about the issues Israel covered up about the COVID-19 vaccines.

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