CDC LIES about vaccines to MURDER children

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a captured agency, controlled by nefarious criminal forces that seek to abuse and injure children all in the name of “public safety.” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky (who admitted to getting her information on covid-19 vaccines from fake news CNN), is now pushing children to be injected with experimental technology that has already failed the adult population multiple times and proven extremely dangerous to the health of millions worldwide. In a desperate effort to sell expiring vaccines, Walensky falsely claimed that covid-19 was one of the five top causes of death for children since 2020. Even if this claim was true, there is NO safe and effective vaccine that prevents the disease in the first place!

CDC Director distorts data to push failed vaccines on children

On June 23, 2022, Walensky held a press briefing for the Biden regime, promoting covid-19 vaccines for babies. As more countries around the world HALT covid-19 vaccines for children, the Biden regime continues to push these clot shots into children. Both the Pfizer and Moderna trials showed poor efficacy. The Pfizer trial showed more severe illness in vaccinated children than unvaccinated.

None of this matters to the CDC. Preliminary figures from the CDC find that 215 children (ages six months to four years) have died from covid-19 since January 2020. At the press briefing, Walensky made a desperate bid to over-hype the disease and make the vaccine look like the cure-all. “During March 2020 through April 2022, COVID-19 was among the top five leading causes of death in every age group of children under the age of 19 and the number one infectious cause of death in children,” Walensky claimed, before promoting the vaccines to babies and young children.

The mortality rate for children with respiratory symptoms will inevitably go up because the NIH, CDC and FDA have decided to push remdesivir as the only pediatric drug to “treat” covid-19 symptoms. Instead of dealing with the medical error mandated by the government, the CDC continues to push for more heart and kidney- damaging remdesivir and more heart-inflaming, blood clotting vaccines that do not work but actually cause more harm.

Walensky joins two other CDC scientists who have previously used data in a deceptive way to sell ineffective vaccines. Two CDC scientists pointed to a preprint paper, comparing the cumulative number of deaths attributed to covid-19 to the annual totals for other causes of death.

When comparing the annual numbers for other causes of death, the study authors deceptively used data from 2019. The authors also misrepresented the data by including deaths among children who tested positive for covid-19 with fraudulent PCR tests, but did not have covid-19 as an underlying cause on their death certificate.

“I’m so frustrated that this lie has just become accepted as truth at the highest levels,” said Kelley Krohnert, who detected the issues and alerted Seth Flaxman, one of the study authors. Flaxman, an Oxford University professor, has not responded to the query and has made no changes to the preprint paper.

CDC’s entire argument for vaccines is based on fraud and deception

The covid-19 death statistics are skewed from the start, and there is no true definition or symptom-specific diagnostic criteria for the advertised disease. The covid-19 disease label now includes multiple variants derived from dozens of mutations over several seasons. Moreover, the CDC won’t explain why almost all influenza statistics disappeared in the past two years, and they refuse to explain the death certificates, which mostly label other underlying causes for the covid-19 death.

Most importantly, no matter how many deaths are attributed to covid-19, these death totals do not prove that the vaccine would prevent an infection, lessen a single symptom or prevent future medical error or severe illness. Their correlation lacks evidence. Covid-19 vaccines cannot prevent deaths that have been caused by inhumane protocols and lack of proper treatment. Covid-19 vaccines cannot prevent deaths that were caused by renal failure from remdesivir or oxidative stress and cytokine storm that is often caused by mechanical ventilation. These vaccines do not supply the body with vitamin C and D, which have both been proven to improve survival rates and bring about durable natural immunity.

Speaking of which, natural immunity is key to improving public health and safety, yet all data on natural immunity is ignored in the CDC’s diabolical push to destroy the health of children with covid-19 vaccines. Instead of providing the truth, the CDC censors all the solutions for the immune system and suppresses longstanding antiviral drug treatments, to punish people with vaccine mandates that have caused historic levels of hospitalization and death. They are coming for the children again. It’s long past time to hold accountable the liars and child murderers at the CDC.

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