Moderna’s own data prove the Omicron-specific vaccine booster barely works at all

The results are in about Moderna’s Omicron-specific “booster” shot for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), but they are not what the company is claiming.

Despite a very elaborate spin job, Moderna’s latest mRNA (messenger RNA) injection does not work very well at all against the Omicron (Moronic) variant of the Fauci Flu.

It turns out that even though the jab was supposedly designed to work specifically against Moronic, people who got injected developed far fewer neutralizing antibodies than they did against the original Chinese Virus, which Alex Berenson writes “is no longer a threat.”

Moderna claims that its Moronic-specific injection is a success because it produces more neutralizing antibodies than the company’s original booster shot. What this does not mean is that the shot is in any way effective in practical terms. (Related: Moderna’s Fauci Flu shots had to be recalled in Europe for containing “foreign bodies”)

“The problem with this comparison is that the original booster basically stops working against Omicron after a few weeks,” Berenson explains. “In fact, a growing body of evidence suggests that boosted people are MORE likely to be infected with Omicron than the unvaccinated.”

“So the Omicron booster works marginally better against Omicron than the original booster – which very quickly doesn’t work at all … Welcome to the new definition of mRNA shot success.”

One would have to be seriously lacking in brain cells to take this shot

mRNA-generated antibodies in general, Berenson goes on to explain, fade away almost immediately. Based on this, Moderna can technically say with accuracy that its newest shot is more effective than its earlier ones, even if that added effectiveness is minimal at best.

In the real world, the increase is so minute that it really does not show up as lasting protection in those who receive the shot. In fact, there really is no benefit to be had at all, in real-world terms, from taking Moderna’s Moronic-specific shot.

“At most, the shot might provide two to four weeks of extra protection,” Berenson writes.

“In other words, the variant-specific booster does nothing to solve the fundamental problem with the mRNA shots – that the supra-natural levels of antibodies they produce fade almost immediately, while they hamper broader immune responses.”

If Moderna had any integrity, it would immediately issue a statement explaining that its Moronic-specific booster is a failure. We all know that will never happen, however.

Instead, the company, with the help of fake news rags like The New York Times, is pushing the notion that we should simply abandon human clinical trials because the alleged virus “is outpacing the ability to modify vaccines – at least as long as the nation relies on human clinical trials for results.”

The suggestion here is that having to wait through those pesky human clinical trials simply takes too long, and by the time they are completed the virus has already mutated into something else.

If only we could just abandon human clinical trials altogether, then Moderna could simply churn out second-, third-, and fourth-generation vaccines one after another forever, providing constant protection just so long as people keep lining up for endless injections.

“Those of us who are more health-conscious (check) and in better shape (check) would NOT want to receive an unreliable, untested, potentially toxic, immune system-killing jab,” wrote one of Berenson’s readers about how real health comes not from chemical injections but from a healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

“Alex has been making the claim – sans evidence – that healthy people are more likely to take the shots, since the beginning,” wrote another, offering criticism of Berenson’s suggestion about the injections.

“I have no earthly idea where he gets this idea.”

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