Study: Face masks contributed to high COVID-19 death rates

A bombshell report shared by Dr. Simone Gold, founder of the American Frontline Doctors, revealed that face masks contributed to high Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) case fatality rates.

“People are still not aware that wearing face masks do not protect them from viruses and are actually harmful,” Gold disclosed citing the report as proof.

The observational study titled “The Foegen Effect: A Mechanism by Which Facemasks Contribute to the COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate,” authored by German doctor Zacharias Fögen, was published in the journal Medicine in February.

The study examined “whether mandatory mask use influenced the case fatality rate in Kansas” from August 1 to October 15, 2020. Kansas was used for comparison because the state allowed each of its 105 counties to decide whether or not to implement mask mandates. Eighty-one counties decided against the measure.

A parallelization analysis based on county-level data showed that in Kansas, counties with mask mandates had significantly higher case fatality rates than counties without mask mandate. (Related: Study: Wearing a mask INCREASES risk of covid death.)

“Results from this study strongly suggest that mask mandates actually caused about 1.5 times the number of deaths or approximately 50 percent more deaths compared to no mask mandates,” Foegen wrote.

The study indicated that wearing face masks might impose a great risk on individuals, which would not be mitigated by a reduction in the infection rate.

Wearing face masks does not reduce COVID-19 transmission

Another study came out while the Biden administration continues to require wearing face masks in several states with “high-risk” settings, including health care and long-term care facilities.

Last month, a peer-reviewed study divulged that European countries with high levels of mask compliance discovered a significant relationship between mask usage and death.

The paper titled “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe” was authored by Beny Spira, an associate professor at the University of Sao Paulo, whose research focuses on the molecular genetics of microorganisms.

The study “analyzed the correlation between mask usage against morbidity and mortality rates in the 2020-2021 winter in Europe.” It was published in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science on April 19.

“Data from 35 European countries on morbidity, mortality, and mask usage during a six-month period were analyzed and crossed,” stated the study, which covered a total of 602 million people.

“The findings suggest that countries with high levels of mask compliance did not perform better than those with low mask usage in the six-month period that encompassed the second European wave of COVID-19.”

The research further said that the lack of negative correlations between mask usage and COVID-19 cases and deaths suggests that the widespread use of masks when an effective intervention was most needed (i.e. during the strong 2020-2021 autumn-winter peak) did not reduce COVID-19 virus transmission.

Spira also explained how factors that could have potentially influenced the study were irrelevant.

“At the end of the period analyzed in this study (March 31, 2021), vaccination rollout was still at its beginning, with only three countries displaying vaccination rates higher than 20 percent: the U.K. (48 percent), Serbia (35 percent) and Hungary (30 percent), with all doses counted individually,” he said.

“It could also be claimed that the rise in infection levels prompted mask usage resulting in higher levels of masking in countries with already higher transmission rates. While this assertion is certainly true for some countries, several others with high infection rates, such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain had strict mask mandates in place since the first semester of 2020.”

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Watch the below video that talks about the proof that face masks are not safe.

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