Geo-nocide: Geoengineering could cause malaria resurgence in tropical countries

New research published in the journal Nature Communications speculates that if geoengineering continues, at least one billion people will be put at risk by a new malaria resurgence in tropical countries.

Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center assessed how geoengineering impacts the spread of infectious diseases. Scientists from the United States, Bangladesh, South Africa and Germany used climate models to simulate malaria transmission under two future scenarios with and without geoengineering.

The study also included collaborators from the University of Maryland, College Park; the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh; the University of Florida, Gainesville; the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany; and Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Their models were designed to identify which temperatures are most conducive for transmission of malaria by the Anopheles mosquito, as well as how many people live in areas where heavy transmission is possible or likely.

In both scenarios, malaria was predicted to shift significantly between regions, with an additional one billion people being put at risk specifically by geoengineering interventions. Remember when geoengineering and chemtrails were called a conspiracy theory?

“Compared to extreme warming … geoengineering would nullify a projected reduction of nearly one billion people at risk of malaria,” the study revealed.

Bill Gates is trying to kill at least another one billion people by blocking the sun

In other words, the whole idea of “cooling” the planet in order to save lives is a complete misnomer. Blocking out the sun and trying to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air will only make infectious diseases more of a problem.

“The implications of the study for decision-making are significant,” said Colin Carlson, an assistant research professor at Georgetown University Medical Center’s Center for Global Health Science and Security.

Carlson and the new study’s senior author, Christopher Trisos, a senior researcher at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, published a commentary in the journal Nature Climate Change back in 2018 that hypothesized what has now been confirmed with their latest research.

They warned back then that malaria transmission peaks at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). Artificially cooling the planet, they found, increases that risk dramatically.

“The potential for geoengineering to reduce risks from climate change remains poorly understood, and it could introduce a range of new risks to people and ecosystems,” they said.

Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is one of the mad scientists who has been pushing to block the sun in order to stop “global warming.” His solar radiation management (SRM) plan involves shooting chemical aerosols into the stratosphere in order to reflect sunlight back into space.

The claim is that this “pauses” global warming and helps to fight “climate injustice” (whatever that means). This new study, however, tells a much different story.

Gates’ plan will actually kill more life than it could ever possibly save. This is par for the course as Gates has long pushed agendas that aim to depopulate the planet.

Keep in mind that Gates is also releasing genetically modified (GMO) mosquitoes in the United States right now, mosquitoes being a primary vector for the spread of malaria and other infectious diseases.

“It sounds very much like the plot of one science fiction movie in particular – namely Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 film Snowpiercer, in which scientists release aerosols into the sky in a desperate bid to stop rampant warming,” reported Tott News.

“However, when the world freezes, the ultimate tyrannical system is established in its wake … It would seem this type of push is no longer science fiction.”

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