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Counterthink video: Glenn Jessome talks to Mike Adams about the science community and its “mental models”

(Natural News) A lot of people rely on science to better understand the world that they live in. There’s just one problem, however: Usually, the “science” that’s being relayed to us is merely a collection of stories and narratives in which some are metaphors, while others are myths.

What this means, for most of us, is that we’re missing out on what the science community isn’t telling us, especially the whole truth behind every discovery, claim, and study – presenting instead what is called a “mental model” which we are forced to believe.

In the latest episode of CounterThink, Glenn Jessome, math professor and author of the “Jessome Theory,” discussed with Health Ranger Mike Adams how people are being silenced or shunned whenever “science” is questioned. They also shared how many field experts have lost their chance to get a doctorate, a publishing deal, or even grant money as soon as they challenge the status quo.

Jessome likened the esteemed circle of science experts to a high school crowd – calling them the authority. According to him, one must belong to the popular group to have a voice; adding, it’s the “only way to be given good opportunities.”

Meanwhile, by raising questions, you lose the right to be part of any dialogue within the science community. Adams said that it is somewhat like a consensus popularity of a self-promoting cult.

“If they don’t like it, it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or relevant. You won’t get published,” Jessome noted.

Moreover, they tackled the issue of the various theories popping out which do not have sufficient evidence to back up the claims. (Related: FAKE SCIENCE on parade as exact opposite news headlines appear right next to each other, citing the exact same study.)

Adams said, “How can you have a theory if you can’t test it, and how can you believe it if there’s no evidence to prove it?”

As an example, Jessome mentioned Michio Kaku, a known theorist and co-author of the famous “String Field Theory.” He talked about how some of Kaku’s claims are nonsensical, but since he is a person of authority and has a Ph.D., people believe him.

The issue of vaccination was also opened up when Jessome said that many still think it to be 100 percent good for the body, when in fact, it is not. However, since doctors and other health experts are promoting it, the general public is oppressed into silence on the matter.

Watch the whole interview at to be enlightened on the real issue of information censorship by the science community. Find out what Jessome has to say about people of authority and why we should be more discerning in matters like this.

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