WHISTLEBLOWER: Seasoned cardiologist DESTROYS Big Pharma, statin drugs, covid vaccines on Tucker Carlson Show

Most Americans have no clue that the side effects from prescribed medications are the third leading cause of death worldwide, behind heart disease and cancer. The reason people don’t know this is because whistleblowers, even doctors and scientists, have been silenced and censored by mass media, where most of these “patients-for-life” get their news and medical “information” (misinformation).

Even worse, most sick-care-American ‘sheeple’ have absolutely no knowledge that vaccines come with much more risk than benefit, especially considering the Covid ‘clot shots’ that are not really vaccines at all. Let’s take an inside look at a seasoned cardiologist who is blowing the whistle on all the dangerous drugs and jabs, and believe it or not, he’s featured on the Tucker Carlson Show.

Doctor reveals Covid clot shots “severely narrow arteries” – Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs induce rapid progression of coronary heart disease

The corruption of modern medicine has never been better revealed and summarized by a doctor on mainstream media than right here, right now, by Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Known as one of the most influential cardiologists ever in Great Britain, Dr. Malhotra believes in the reduction of “medical over-prescribing” and has been listed as one of the 500 most influential people in the health industry. He questions the need for anyone to ever use statin drugs, saying they are a danger to public health, going against the long-standing narrative of Big Pharma.

He’s been condemned, of course, by the vaccine industrial complex, especially since the Covid scamdemic began, because he published a book, entitled “The 21-Day Immunity Plan” that does not recommend vaccines, but rather a healthy diet to reduce the risk of catching or dying from the lab-made “gain of function” China virus, SARS-CoV-2 (a.k.a. coronavirus). It’s now obvious that the spike proteins are clogging up vascular systems and causing arteries and veins to narrow, straining the heart and leading to SADS – sudden adult death syndrome (heart attacks).

“Evidence-based medicine unfortunately has become an illusion because it’s been hijacked by commercial interests” says famous whistle-blowing cardiologist

Simply put, money has created extreme bias in the information, statistics, and results we are seeing from “evidence-based” and “science-based” medicine so much that the public, patients, doctors, nurses, researchers, and scientists now have an “exaggerated view of the benefits and the safety” of medications and vaccines.

One of the first people to take the Pfizer vaccine for Covid, Dr. Malhotra tells Tucker Carlson he did this as he was helping out at a vaccine center, even though he’s been a world-leading advocate of exposing pharmaceutical industry corruption for the past decade. The doctor’s father experienced an “unexplained cardiac arrest” soon after taking the Pfizer jab, and Dr. Malhotra says his father was in great physical condition before that, with no serious health problems (a sportsman with good diet regimen).

Dr. Malhotra has held cardiology posts, by the way, with the UK National Health Service and is an Honorary Consultant Cardiolist at a top hospital in the UK. He’s also a former Consultant Clinical Associate to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. Still, this highly regarded public health campaigner is blowing the whistle on the clot shots. What does that tell you?

Bottom line: If the mass media complex wasn’t in cahoots with Big Pharma, this doctor would be featured on every talk show in the world, and the clot shots would most likely all be recalled until a safe and effective reformulation could be made, if that’s even possible. The science is in, but it’s not what’s being reported in mass media.

If you really follow the science, you’ll find out what Dr. Malhotra found, and that is “Huge markers of coronary inflammation” found in the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated – a signal from the mRNA vaccines that the Covid jabs are risky, dangerous, and promoted with misinformation across the board. Avoid them like the plague, because they may just be spreading one.

Now watch this:

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